Experience Knowledge


The problem with researching the world of RVing is not a lack of information. RV accessory stores, public libraries and the internet are loaded with facts, figures and opinions about RVs and RVing. The challenge is in sifting through all the information available and sorting out what is really essential to know in order to choose, operate and enjoy an RV.

Your learning priorities should be to first learn about yourself, then about RVs and finally, about RVing

Learn about yourself. Initially, your questions should be self-directed. Where do you want to go? What do you want to do? Keep in mind that an RV is the means that provides mobile living accommodations. You want one that will complement your activities and interests.

What road conditions do you anticipate? Will you be driving on winding mountain roads and narrow dirt tracks or do you anticipate staying on the major roads and highways?

Are you thinking about spending occasional weekends camping in primitive surroundings or are you dreaming about traveling for extended periods of time and staying in full-service RV parks?

Drive out to the types of RV parks and campgrounds you think you will frequent. You will find them listed in Trailer Life’s RV Park and Campground Directory, Woodalls North American Campground Directory and Kampground of America’s (KOA) Directory. Look at the types and sizes of RVs in those campgrounds. Talk to their owners. Tell them where you want to go and what you plan to do. Ask them what advice they can give you.

We have created a questionnaire that you can review to learn more about yourself.

Once you have determined your own personal interests, needs and budget, you can move on to learning about RVs and how to choose the one best for you.

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