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From the point of purchase, through the manufacturers warranty, and now into the extended warranty, they have been a 10 out of 10 in my book. I wish I had met them for the first two purchases. I know we won’t need to shop around the next time. They are fair on trade in prices and have good prices on their new trailers. Their service can’t be beat.  They even do service on site at Honey Bear Hollow Campgrounds.


Angola, Indiana


I have purchased three trailers now from Modern Trailer Sales in Anderson, Indiana.

When looking to purchase a trailer, I look for the following:

1.  Is the company reputable and does it have good customer ratings?

2.  Does the company sell quality-made trailers?

3.  What is the service department like?  Are they quick to service the

trailer?  What is the quality of service?  Are the service techs friendly

and do they take the time to discuss issues with me?  Are their prices fair?

4.  What is the staff like… friendly, knowledgeable, etc.?

First, Modern Trailer Sales is family owned.  The company has been in business for many years offering much experience.  They have an outstanding reputation in all areas including: experience, knowledge, and trained staff.

I found that the trailers they sell are of excellent quality. I had a tree fall on the front of my fifth wheel trailer and it did not come through the trailer. The staff did an excellent job repairing the damage. I had no leaks or problems of any sort. The service department is excellent. Prices are fair.  The staff is always pleasant when I go there either to purchase products or have it service.  They go out of their way to be courteous and friendly.

I have looked into other trailer companies and found no comparison. One company tried to tell me my truck could tow something much larger than the auto dealer recommended.  I also have known other people to have very negative service department experiences: slow, did not repair their trailer correctly so they had to take it back many times, etc.

I highly recommend Modern Trailer Sales to anyone.



We have bought 4 campers from Ron.  You will not find anyone that will give you as good of service as modern trailer sales does, and he has the best deals of all the dealers. He stands behind all the campers he sales.



We have always had a great service no mater what department were in. From the sales department clear back to the service department. You couldn’t ask for nicer people to help you.

Doug & Keith


I bought my new 5th wheel camper from Modern Trailer Sales after ours was destroyed by floodwater. I’m retired and work part time at a campground here in Indiana.

We travel a lot, and always stop in at every RV Dealership we see along the way just to see what is new. I’ve had work done on my old camper at Modern and bought quite a bit from their parts department over the years. I was a sales man all my life and expect a lot from the people and places I do business with. That being said, we picked Modern as the dealership we wanted to buy from and maintain our new rig.

I have always been treated well by the service department. They treated me with respect and always explained everything they were going to do for me in terms even I understood. All my service has been done in a timely manor, and I’ve never had any problems with their work. They are a great group of guys.

I can’t say enough about the parts department. Every time I needed something they either had it or would get it for me. They are quite knowledgeable on what they sell and assisted us when we didn’t know exactly what we needed. They enjoy helping their customers and spending time assisting them.

The sales department is top shelf. We have been looking at campers forever. Every time we go in the Sales Team always meets us with a smile and was willing to show us around and point out all the new units. They knew we where just looking, but always treated us with respect and where quite friendly! When we did need to buy our new unit, I knew where we would go based on the service we had received in the past. Everything went great from the time at the RV Show to going out on the lot and picking the New 5th wheel camper we wanted. From that point on everything went smoothly. From Sales to the F&I department, and finally picking up our unit, they made it an effortless process.

They offered a FREE WARRANTY FOREVER! That was really a major plus and made it even easier to decide where we would buy our camper. It is a great program and nice to know that Modern Trailer Sales stand behind what they sell!

This is truly a Family Dealership and without exception, they are proud of what they do and where they work! I will always return whenever I need service, parts of any kind, or just to look around and see some smiling faces.

Dennis & Karen

McCordsville, Indiana

3 thoughts on “Customer Testimonials

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  2. I have not bought a camper/trailer at Modern but I now wish I would have. I contacted Modern twice on issues with my camper and could have very easily sold me something just to make money, but instead were very honest with me and told me what I did and did not need. I also had an issue with opening my camper and had some problem that I thought I would have to have the camper brought in to have them service. They talked me through a list of things to do to try and fix the problem at my home. I respect their honest service and will definitely make the extra mile trip to Anderson to get my camper serviced if needed.

  3. We are so pleased with our experience in buying our second 5th wheel. We had a used 2010 alpine 5th wheel which modern trailer serviced for us,and we traded for a 2016 alpine.
    Everyone was so nice and friendly. The service department is the best anywhere around.

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