Camping Destination

Shawnee National Forest: The Perfect Camping Destination!

One absolutely stunning camping destination you need to visit this year is Shawnee National Forest! It’s the perfect oasis for anyone really wanting to just get away, rest, and recharge. And, it’s an ideal vacation destination to visit in your new or used RV. Learn more below!

Camping Destination

About Shawnee National Forest

Shawnee National Forest offers you the chance to disconnect from the steady demands of everyday life and get reconnected and recentered with Mother Nature. The website mentions these details of what you’ll find:

Spanning 289,000 acres, Shawnee National Forest is nestled in Southern Illinois between the Ohio and Mississippi rivers. It features strikingly beautiful oak-hickory forests, flourishing wetlands, lush canyons, razorback ridges and unique geological features.

A rare convergence of six natural ecological regions results in a diversity of plant and animal species. With nearly 1 million people visiting annually, the forest serves as a retreat to Americans living in urban areas.

You can learn more about everything Shawnee National Forest has to offer here.

Garden of the Gods Recreation Area

One of the most well-known areas within Shawnee National Forest is the Garden of the Gods Recreation Area. Everyone in the family will love this area – from kids to tweens and teens! Explore, hike, play, and get loads of pictures. The website offers the following information:

One of the most photographed locations in the state, Garden of the Gods’ scenic beauty is extraordinary. In the recreation area you can hike, camp, nature watch or picnic.

The Observation Trail features unique sandstone rock formations and panoramic views of the surrounding Garden of the Gods Wilderness. Interpretive signs explain the geological history. The 1/4-mile trail is made of natural sandstone and takes about an hour to walk. It contains short, steep grades and steps; benches are located along the trail and as a whole the trail is not tiring.

Check out more details on the Garden of the Gods Recreation Area here.

Camping at Shawnee National Forest

Overnight visitors are welcome at Shawnee National Forest – so check out their campground services here and make a reservation for your new or used RV! We can also make sure your RV is road-ready condition. Contact us to schedule some RV service before you go!

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