RV Tips

4 RV Tips for First Time RVers

If you’ve dreamed of RVing and are finally getting ready to take your new or used RV out for the first road trip, arm yourself with these RV tips for first time RVers. They can help boost your confidence behind the wheel and avoid rookie mistakes.

RV Tips

Go for a Test Drive (or Several!)

Test driving your RV can’t be done too many times. Just like learning to drive a car for the first time, there are unique challenges in driving or hauling an RV that simply get easier with practice as you get used to the added weight and length. Take it for a test drive in an empty parking lot and practice backing up, making left and right turns, and general maneuvering. Also, practice putting on the brakes. The brakes handle differently for every vehicle, and especially so when you’re hauling a heavy load. Pump the breaks to get a feel for it. You won’t regret it!

Take Your Time

You’ll want to allow extra time for the drive. Your regular vehicle may be able to clip along right at the speed limit, but you will need to slow down just a little when you’re towing or driving your new or used RV. Dangerous and risky mistakes can be avoided by anyone just by slowing down, and the size of an RV can increase those risks. Slow down – or the drive you’re rushing in may be to the hospital.

And remember our tip above for getting a feel for the breaks? Knowing how your RV’s brakes handle give you even more advantages when it comes to having a little more reaction time if there is a collision ahead. Knowing how your breaks handle + driving a bit slower = giving yourself more time to react and slow down.

Eliminate Distractions

This one is the same advice for operating any vehicle: never drive while under the influence of illegal substances or even medication that may impair your reaction time, vision, alertness, or driving ability. or reaction time. Don’t use social media or text while driving – you can check messages when you stop for fuel. We care about you getting where you’re heading safely, and if it’s a risk to avoid while driving a regular vehicle, it goes double for RVing.

Keep an Eye on the Weather

If you’re driving into inclement weather, you might want to consider delaying your drive by a little bit to let it pass. High winds and heavy storms can both create extra obstacles to navigate, and if you’re still getting used to hauling your RV, strong weather can make a difference in your ability to drive safely. Keep your weather radar on and don’t feel bad about pulling off to let the storms blow over.

Give Yourself Time to Learn

The more you travel in your new or used RV, the more comfortable you’ll get with it. That will lead to maximizing the fun you’re having and minimizing the stress. We’d love to help you pick out the RV that’s the perfect fit for your family as well as your vehicle. Contact us today!

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