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3 Vacation Destinations in Upstate New York

If you’re starting to plan your summer vacations for this year, why not hit the road with your new or used RV and head to New York? Now, we’re not talking about New York City…that’s not really the ideal landscape for RV camping. But you’ll find that upstate New York is an incredibly beautiful place that’s chock full of great camping destinations that will rejuvenate your spirit and give you a much-needed break from the demands of every day life. Here are some great RV camping spots to visit in upstate New York this summer.

The Catskill Mountains

The mountains are calling! When it comes to unforgettable mountain ranges, upstate New York keeps on giving. Don’t miss visiting the Catskills.

Camping Destination

This is a perfect place to disconnect from the fast pace of your calendar and sink deep into a peaceful, nature-filled vacation. Love to hike? You’re in luck. You’ll have tons of hiking trails to explore and you might discover a swimming hole or two along the way.

Camping Destination

Get more information about the Catskills here and some camping opportunities here.

The Adirondacks

Gorgeous mountain views, stunning waterfalls, and hiking opportunities abound!

Camping Destination

Enjoy making memories with your family and reconnect with what Mother Nature has to offer. Get your fill of kayaking, canoeing, biking, and more. Find out more about visiting the Adirondacks here and the camping options here.

Camping Destination

Niagara Falls

Ready to be awe-inspired? A day trip to Niagara Falls State Park is one that will fill you with lifelong memories.

Camping Destination

The States-side view is incredible on its own, but as long as you’re there, consider crossing the border for the iconic Canadian-side view. If you want an up-close experience, purchase tickets for the Maid of the Mist. It’s truly unforgettable – the roar of the waterfall and the immense vibrations as it thunders down will be a memory you carry the rest of your life.

Camping Destination

Upstate New York is especially beautiful in the summer with plenty to see and do, so start planning your vacation now. We can help you pick out the perfect new or used RV for your ideal vacations, and pair it with affordable RV financing. Stop in to check out our inventory or contact us today!

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