Camping Tips

RV Tips for Planning Your Camping Trip in Advance

As we get ready to turn the corner on the new year, you’re probably already dreaming of vacations in your new or used RV. And we don’t blame you! Now is the best time to get started on travel plans – so here are some RV tips for planning your camping trip.

Mind the Weather

Camping in the south is way different during the fall than it is during the summer – and camping up north is pretty different in the spring than it is the winter! Be mindful of how the seasons shift, especially when picking long distance destinations. You’ll likely enjoy a more consistent forecast during the summer than in the spring or fall, but one perk of traveling outside of summer is generally decreased tourist traffic.

Location is Everything

Great campgrounds don’t happen by accident – nor do you typically find them that way. Quality campgrounds absolutely earn their good reputation and the evidence is campers who make return trips. What does this mean for you? It means that the best campgrounds can fill up well in advance, so make your reservations early to guarantee your spot (and maybe even the specific campsite you want!).

Make a List

Keep a seasonally specific camping trip checklist so you don’t have to pack every single item or piece of camping gear! Mosquito nets will be a must-have list on your summer list, but you probably won’t need them in the fall. Camping blankets and cool weather layers can be left at home in the summer. When you plan your camping trip in advance, you can take stock of what you really need to bring with you and what can be safely left behind.

Enjoy More Opportunities

When you plan your camping trip in advance, you have a lot more opportunities and freedom to enjoy the activities and outings. Many attractions either require reservations in advance or sell only limited admission. If you plan in advance and purchase tickets in advance, it gives you more flexibility to enjoy spontaneous adventures in the “off” hours.

Scheduling RV Service

Finally, having vacation dates on the calendar can be a good reminder to get your routine RV maintenance squared away as well. Our RV service department is ready to help, so contact us today!

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