Road Trip Games

4 Great Games for Road Trips

Are you traveling for the holidays? Whether you’re in your new or used RV or piled up in the family car, try out these top games for road trips that your kids will love – and will keep them occupied for hours!

My Cows

Without question, My Cows is my children’s favorite travel game to play. If you like a bit of friendly competition and family interaction, start counting livestock. Here’s how to play!

  • Whenever you see a cow – or two, or a few, or even hundreds of cows in a field – say, “My cows!” Whoever says it first gets one cow added to their point total. Whether it’s one cow or one thousand cows, it counts as one point if they’re in a single sighting.
  • Shout “Marry my cows!” if you pass a church. Your running point total of cows doubles instantly.
  • Shout “Bury your cows!” if you see a cemetery. Then, you inherit the full number of cows of another player of your choice. Here’s where it gets dicey and strategic, because revenge is stone cold – and you should consider whether you’re picking in retribution for your own cows being formerly buried by someone else, or because the person whose cows you just buried simply had the highest number. Your own strategies will develop quickly.

The License Plate Game

You probably grew up playing this yourself, and it’s stayed a classic road trip game for a reason! There are a couple of common variations, including the following:

  • On a piece of paper, write out all 50 states. As you pass license plates, mark off the ones you see (first one to identify the state claims it and no one else can mark it off their paper). First to get all 50 – or the highest number, anyway – wins!
  • Alternately, write out the full alphabet on the paper. As your kids see the letters on license plates, mark off the corresponding alphabet letters on the paper. First one to mark off all 26 letters wins!

Spot It

This is an easily-packable and compact game you can take with you in the car! It’s great for kids (and adults!) of all ages, and can take up quite a bit of your attention, testing your powers of observation. Get it here or through your favorite retailer.

Stack the States

This is a super-fun learning app your kids will love! Learn about the U.S. geography through interactive displays – a great way to sneak learning into play! Plus, the fun map challenges help test what they’ve learned. Find it in your app store.

What are some of your favorite road trip games? With the holidays quickly approaching, these are some fantastic options to keep on hand once you hitch up your new or used RV and hit the road. Contact us today – we can help make sure your RV is road ready so you can focus on other things…like packing. And marrying your cows.

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