Shop Swap and Save

Save Thousands During Our Shop Swap and Save Event!

Are you ready to Shop Swap and Save? There’s no better time to trade in your RV than throughout September during our Shop Swap and Save event! Save thousands by trading in your RV and getting the lowest price of the year!


First, browse our inventory of 2019 RVs for sale. You can browse by floor plan style, so if you need any specific features, you can include those in your search terms. Some of the floor plan features you may not want to miss out on include the following:

  • Bath and a half
  • Bunk house
  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Outdoor entertainment
  • Loft
  • U-shaped or freestanding dinette
  • Front or rear entertainment

Make a list of your favorite 2019 RVs for sale. Now it’s swap time!


Now it’s time to estimate your current RV’s trade in value. To figure out how much your RV is worth, use our handy form. Fill it out with your RV’s details, and one of our reps will get in touch with you soon. It’s super easy!


Once we’ve estimated your trade in value, it’s as easy as swapping your RVs and pocketing the savings! Since we’re offering the lowest prices of the year, that means you can get a brand new 2019 RV and save thousands off the MSRP and even more once your trade value comes off.

Have questions about our Shop Swap and Save event? Contact us today. We’re here to answer your questions, help you with your RV’s trade in value, or even let you walk through and compare your favorite 2019 RVs on your wish list. This promo only goes through September, so don’t waste any time browsing our 2019 RVs for sale and getting your RV’s trade in value estimated. There’s still time to save thousands during our Shop Swap and Save event, and still have a brand new RV to take on your fall vacations!

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