The Best RV Apps You Want for the Road

A road atlas and a handful of quarters to use at a pay phone used to be your standard traveling companions, but thank goodness for technology! These are some of the best RV apps to put on your phone or other mobile device to make traveling easier and more convenient, and have more accessible help available in the event of a roadside emergency. The best part is, most of these apps are free! Find them in your app store and see how they help out on your next camping trip!

While Traveling

Want real time updates about construction, road delays, or accidents? Waze is a fantastic traveling app (along with Google Maps). You can navigate easily through traffic and find the best route for getting where you need to go.

The GasBuddy app helps you find the cheapest gas price around. Search and compare prices within your immediate proximity and avoid overpaying at the pump! This is one of the best RV apps you’ll find for saving money at gas stations.

Overnight Parking

One of the best RV apps for helping provide locations and directions to free parking lots is the Overnight Parking Finder app. Walmart store parking lots give you both a place to stay and an opportunity to do a quick restocking shopping trip – plus, the app also locates Redbox locations. Movie night!

If you’d prefer a commercial RV park, try the RV Parks and Campgrounds app. Parks and campgrounds are sorted in the database based on ranking, so you can make sure of finding a nice campground based on other campers’ reviews.  

Weather, Safety, and Convenience

With the WeatherBug app, you can check out current conditions, access the Doppler radar, get updates on severe weather alerts, forecasts, and more. It’s a must-have while you’re traveling, since weather can change in an instant. This app is reliable, accurate, and comprehensive, and you won’t want to go without it.

And for the dirty tasks that no one likes to talk about but everyone has to do, one of the best RV apps anyone needs to keep around is the Sani Dump app, which includes a map with hours of operation and price information about the closest RV dump site. Have reliable and speedy access to a dump site makes this task get completed in a safe and responsible way. Don’t put it off!

If you’re crossing state lines, get the State Lines app. State laws differ, and you can look up what directly affects you – from holding your phone while driving to sleeping at a rest stop to firewood regulations. 

If your family is needing to upgrade your new or used RV, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Everyone has unique traveling needs and preferences. And thankfully, we can help make finding the RV you need just as easy as downloading the apps.

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Tips for Using Your RV for Tailgating During Football Season

It’s football season! From a sizzling grill and cold drinks to a fun game of corn hole, nothing beats tailgating with friends and family before the game. Are you going to be using your RV for tailgating? Make the most of game day with our favorite tailgating tips below!

Clear Out Your Storage Space

You’re not going to need your routine camping supplies while tailgating, so clear out your pass through storage to make room for what you really want. Throw in your camp chairs, a card table, and the corn hole game.

Tailgating Tips

If your climate will still stay warm for another few weeks, make sure to pack a citronella candle or two to keep the bugs away. Many people like to put up 10’x10’ tents, but with the power awning on your RV, you’ll have plenty of shade!

Grab Games and Movies for the Little Ones

Several hours of outdoor play can be tiring for the kiddos, so make sure they’re well taken care of. Packing along a few of their favorite games and movies is a great idea so they can step inside the RV and relax while enjoying a snack. Make sure the bedding is fresh in case your tailgating happens over naptime.

Tailgating Tips

Plan the Menu

The pantry in your RV can hold all of your dry goods like chips, but pre-assemble whatever food you can, like dips or things that can be pre-mixed before reheating. Your RV’s outdoor kitchen is perfect for throwing some burgers or hot dogs on to grill, or heating up a skillet of buffalo chicken dip.

Tailgating Tips

Chill the drinks the night before and stick them in your RV’s fridge on game day. Whatever you plan to eat while tailgating, consider divvying it up between your buddies. Make it a bring your own meat event and have the grill hot and ready when everyone shows up.

Summer may be over, but football and tailgating are a season all their own, and using your RV for tailgating helps you get the most out of it. We hope these tailgating tips help make your tailgating season the best it can be! Contact us today if you’re ready to shop around for a new or used RV that includes the amenities you want for the best game day possible!