RV Tips: Try This Easy Way to Store Your Stuff!

We’re always looking for better and easier ways to camp with RV tips. With all of the hassle of unpacking and trying to making everything look the same as before you drove it around the country, you may loathe setting up your RV once you finally get to your destination… So we thought it was time to eliminate that problem.

Organize these–and keep them organized easily!

Imagine you’re spending the weekend in your beautiful travel trailer, but as soon as you get to your campsite your drawers are a mess inside! For all of you who love a clean RV and an organized kitchen, we have a great idea that will stop this from happening so much so that you can start your vacation off right.

We suggest that you take cork board tiles (which you can buy 12″x12″ tiles at your local Walmart for under $10) and add them to the inside of your cabinet walls. Sounds too easy, right?

This way, you’ll be able to tack the cork and hang all of our kitchen items up on the wall. If you have a ton of light plastic items that include things such as measuring cups, this is the ultimate way to make sure they are organized.

If you hate getting messy drawers and unorganized cupboards in your new RV, this is an easy solution. Just pack up your stuff and hang it on the inside of your cabinets!

With the camping season finally upon us, you may want to see what we have in stock. If you have any questions about our RVs, or you’re looking for more great RV tips, either read more of our blog or contact us today! We’re always looking to connect with our customers. As you start your RV adventures this year, we wish you happy camping and hope you have an organized camper!

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