How to Dewinterize your RV


It’s time to break out your t-shirts and flip flops because summer is nearly here! With the start of a new season, though, comes the task of prepping your RV for warm temperatures. Whether you winterized your RV or simply put it in storage, now is the time to take action and dewinterize your RV for the summer camping season. This may not sound like the most entertaining summer activity, but these five tips will help you make the process quick and easy, putting you back on the road toward another fantastic summer adventure!

System Check

Batteries – Before you check on anything else, it’s important to inspect the condition of your battery. When batteries are in storage, they lose a percentage of their current through internal leakage, making it vital to replace or recharge your batteries before you hit the road. Without a working battery, your trip will end before it even begins.

Tires – Another critical preliminary action is to check your tires for appropriate inflation. Much like your battery, tires can diminish over time in the form of tire pressure, particularly when they’re exposed to temperature fluctuations. Your tires can lose as much as 2-3 psi per month while your RV is in storage. If your tires aren’t at the proper inflation, you risk reducing your gas mileage, blowing out a tire, and damaging your wheel structure.

Cabin Check
 – The best part about dewinterizing is that you can easily multitask. While you’re charging your battery and inflating your tires, you can perform a multitude of quick checks and tests within your RV. These include inspecting the windows and ceiling panels to check for cracks and damage, while also making sure the sealant is in good condition and not dried out or cracked. Be sure to check for unwanted guests such as bugs, rats, and other critters that may try to inhabit your RV during the chilly weather. There’s nothing worse than finding a surprise visitor wandering around your abode!

RV Water System

Remove Antifreeze – For many, a standard part of the winterizing routine is to add non-toxic antifreeze to the water holding tank. If this is a part of your process, it’s vital to run fresh water through the whole plumbing system until all traces of antifreeze are eliminated. Do this by filling up your water tank with fresh water and turning on every faucet in your RV, one at a time, letting each faucet run for about a minute.

Sanitize the Water Tank – To ensure the safety of your water tank, it’s important to sanitize it after a long period of time without use. Before you begin, ensure that all drains are closed and drain plugs are installed. Take one quarter cup of regular bleach for every fifteen gallons that your water tank holds and mix with water in a one gallon container. Pour the mixture into the water tank and let sit for at least five minutes before draining.

Now that you’re armed with the major steps for dewinterizing, it’s time to get started! If you’re not comfortable with this process, or if you prefer to get a second opinion, you can hire a certified technician who can make sure that everything is operational and in tip-top shape. Once you ensure that your RV is ready to roll, plan your vacation at one of our many Sun RV resorts across the nation!

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