Pets in RVs

Not much can pull on the heartstrings more than a dog or cat who’s trying to figure out why their humans are packing everything into the new big vehicle out in the driveway. So why not bring them with you? Sure, there’s a lot to consider when adding pet prep to your RV readiness checklist, but it’ll all be worth it when your family camping trip is truly complete with your four-legged friend.

At Modern Trailer Sales, we’re a truly family owned and operated business. So we know a family with a pet isn’t complete without their furry loved ones. We’ve taken some time to put together this short guide for preparing your pet for their adventure as well. If you have any more questions about RVs, pet-related or otherwise, head to our dealership in Anderson, Indiana, where our friendly and experienced family is ready to help yours today.


Preparing Your Pet for the Unknown

Whether you’ve got a cat or a dog, you’ll want to start by getting your pet familiar with their new surroundings. Even if it’s not their first time on an RV or trip, a pet will likely be uncomfortable with any new environment. Spend some time with your pet in the RV beforehand, letting them sniff and explore under your supervision while keeping them calm and assured of their safety. Don’t just stick them in there and close the door in the hopes they’ll figure things out for themselves. You can also set up their food and water so they’ll know where to find it later on.

Visit the vet before taking your pet on any kind of cross-state adventure. There could be vaccinations for diseases you might not have in your area, and keeping up to date on vaccination documentation will be necessary if you have to board your pet during a less-than-pet-friendly excursion. Making sure your pet is generally fit and healthy enough to travel is important as well. Certain medications or supplements can help a pet through the stress of travel.

Use the same etiquette for leaving your pet in your RV as you would in a car. Hot and cold extremes can harm your pet, and it doesn’t take long for an RV to heat up in the sun. It’s best not to leave your pet unattended in any vehicle.

Pets in Transit

Confined travel can be just as stress-inducing for some pets as the strangeness of new or unfamiliar surroundings. Once you get going, there are some additional pet tips to consider. As with getting them used to your RV, don’t travel with them left unsupervised. A trailer might seem like a better place for an animal than cooped up in the backseat of a cramped car, but this can cause a lot of issues. Beyond the stress of being left alone, they could also get bumped and knocked around. Take some time to secure your pet. Dogs can be trained to sit in place and be buckled in, and cats are well suited for smaller travel carriers. A pet left roaming free during a trip can be dangerous when they want to jump into the driver’s lap or otherwise provide quite a distraction. You don’t want an uncooperative animal sharing the wheel!

Bathroom breaks are just as important for your pets as they are for you. Unfortunately, it’s not likely they’ll be able to use the convenient facilities provided by your RV. Take lots of breaks so your pets can take care of their business without making it a problem for you and your RV. This will also give them time for a bit of enjoyment from exploring, but make sure they keep safe around other vehicles, especially in rest stops and gas stations. Leash your pet before leaving your vehicle, and don’t let them loose until they’re back on board.

The most well-behaved pet can demand a bit of extra planning and attention during their first RV outing. Take the time to ensure they’ll have everything they need and are familiar enough with the vehicle to comfortably ride along with you. When you’re ready to get everyone in your family excited and wagging their tails over a new RV, head to Modern Trailer Sales. We’re proud to be one of Indiana’s top RV dealership, with over 75 years of experience serving Anderson, Indiana, as well as the areas of Carmel, Fishers, Noblesville, Muncie, and Indianapolis, Indiana. Come in today and find out why we’ve been named one of RV Business Magazine’s top dealers!

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