Why do you need a Surge Protector?

RVs hook up to power pedestals for shore power at campgrounds, parks and other locations. RVs today have highly sophisticated electronic circuitry with an array of expensive appliances ranging from air conditioners and microwaves to plasma TVs. The single largest threat to a RV’s electrical system and appliances is the “power pedestal”, either miswired or faulty electrical power. Faulty power can result in significant damage to these appliances. You need a surge protector that offers bumper to bumper electrical system protection for all RVs.

Due to the enormous damage and repair expense caused by miswired pedestals and faulty power, many of the RV manufacturers have begun installing Surge Guard hard wire models in their RV’s. As RVs continue to increase in cost, so does the need to protect the investment. Surge Guards are on the best insurance policies that an RV owner can purchase. (Surge Guard Training Manual)

Surge Guard surge protectors are on sale this month in our parts department, stop by and get the peace of mind you deserve!

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