Winterizing: Why It’s Important & What It Includes

Who doesn’t love the smell of burning leaves or the beautiful colors that fall brings to our lives? Autumn is a wonderful time of year for family fun and games! However, with every good thing that comes about, there is always something else that must end. In this case, it is the closing of RV season. For most, now is the time that we are taking our last few trips and get a ways as the weather starts to cool and weather keeps us from taking extensive vacations. With RV and camping season coming to an end, it is important to understand the importance of winterizing your RV.

Winterizing your RV properly is extremely important in order for it to retain its original quality and appearance. Failing to take the necessary precautions can cause costly damages to your RV. Once the temperatures begin to fall below 32 degrees on a regular basis, it is time to winterize. Cold and freezing temperatures can cause extensive damage as your pipes and water lines freeze and expand if not taken care of properly. Cold air isn’t just responsible for damaging pipes and waterlines, it also can damage tires, sealing, windows, and other crucial parts to your RV.

Fortunately, there are RV experts available to winterize your RV for you. Having someone that can inspect your tires, clean and anti-freeze your pipes, and prepare your RV for winter not only benefit your RV, buy also your wallet. By having a professional properly winterize your RV, you avoid the risk of damage and costly repairs when camping season starts again in the spring. Contact your local RV experts for more information about properly winterizing your prized possession.


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