Rain or Shine

For my family, RVing was a way for us to go enjoy a low-stress camping experience, no matter the weather.  We lived in Seattle, Washington and if you know anything about that part of the country, you know that it rains often; so finding a sunny weekend to go camping was difficult.  I remember many a soaked sleeping bag from tent-camping trips gone awry.

Enter the RV Travel Trailer…
First, it was easier to prepare.  We stocked up the RV ahead of time so that we didn’t have to re-pack everything for each trip.  Except for food, it was pretty much ready to go.

Second, my parents had four kids and a dog, so getting everyone to fit comfortably in any space was tricky.  Thankfully, with two sets of bunk beds in the back and a fold-down double for the parents in front, we had plenty of room!

We ended up going for many trips in our RV, including a few memorable trips where it rained most of the time.  We loved sitting inside and watching the rain or spending time outside under the awning.  We even took the RV to Disneyland and stayed in a nearby campground.  In my opinion, RVing is the perfect compliment to a Disney experience or any family vacation.

That’s my RV story.  Now share yours!

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