RVs and Glamping

There are a lot of different ways to interpret glamping, or glamorous camping.  Hardcore campers may ask, “What’s the point…. Why not just stay at home?”, but glamping is really for anyone who wants to get away for a while and enjoy the outdoors without giving up comfortable living.

RVing, on the other hand, is more than just comfort: it means freedom.  You can take longer trips, include more people and pets, and do more when you arrive because you don’t have to constantly maintain a tent-camp site.  It allows small children or people with health concerns to enjoy camping without having to sleep on the ground or worry about extreme temperatures and weather conditions.  It is also an easy option for outdoorsy-types to compromise with spouses who prefer comfort.

That said, here are some easy ways for RVers to amp up their camping experience and do a little more ‘glamping’ this summer.

  • Stock your RV with new matching linens, including bedding, towels, and even throw pillows.  Clean, crisp colors like pure white or vibrant turquoise may give your RV a fresh new feel for summer time.  Make an even bigger impact with new curtains.
  • Set up a mini-patio or porch under your RV awning.  Lots of people do this and you can see the wide range from simple to elaborate porch set-ups in any RV park.  If it’s new to you, try starting with outdoor lighting, comfortable chairs, and a big outdoor rug.  Add a couple potted plants to frame the space.
  • Substitute the paper and plastic for metal silverware and real dishes.  Often you can find an inexpensive matching set at a discount store or even Goodwill.  Your RV has the storage space and sink, so why not?
  • Try new recipes.  Hot dogs may be the camping standard, but there are a plethora of other meals that are just as easy to make in an RV as they are at home.  Add a simple garnish like parsley, grated cheese, or a slice of orange to make it feel fancier.

How do you make your RV experience more glamorous?  Share your ideas in a comment below!


5 Summertime Camping Tips for RVers

Schools are out and summer vacation is here!  For many of us, that means unlimited family time, unforgettable summer evenings, and memorable family vacations.  For this reason, many people save their longest and most adventurous RV camping trips for summertime.

Here are a few tips to beat the summer heat and entertain the kids.

1. Shade Takes Priority
The first thing you should do (after accounting for all of your children of course) when you arrive at your campsite is to set up your RV awning. Awnings are perfect for instant shade and a cool area to eat, play, and visit while enjoying the great outdoors on your RV road trip.

2. Keep It Cool
Always remember to check your RV’s air conditioning system before you head out on that big trip!  Bring along a portable icemaker and small fans for each RV bed too. This way you can ease up on the AC at night and still be comfortable and rested for your next day of activities.  Don’t forget to pack water guns, baby pools for kids and pets, and water balloons for fun ways to cool off.

3. Set Up Near Water
Choose an RV park that offers a lake, river, or pool and set up your RV nearby.  Being near a body of water will be a little bit cooler for you and give you something to do! Most parks that offer swimming areas also have lifeguards on duty during select hours.  Find out when and plan your swim-time to take advantage of them!

4. Let Them Participate
Allowing your kids to help you unpack set up the RV site is a great way to share your passion for RVing with them.  The satisfaction kids feel from learning the ins and outs of RVing stays with them for the rest of their lives and they will never forget who taught them to do it.

5. Back To the Basics
Sometimes we forget the excitement of cooking over an open fire or sleeping in the great outdoors. Try bringing the outside in by lighting the inside of the RV with small lanterns that will give kids the moonlight feel while allowing them to stay cool and enjoy themselves.  Don’t forget to let them roast smore’s outside for a fun family memory!




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