Get Ready to Go!

Spring RV Maintenance & Cleaning

Before hitting the road this spring, be sure to perform some maintenance on your RV.  It will take more than merely swiping away the cobwebs and washing the exterior.  Let’s take a look at some specific ways that you can prepare your RV for a warm weather adventure.

Before cleaning the RV, perform a thorough inspection. Take a look at both the interior and exterior and note any damage and potential problems. Look for holes, deterioration and anything else that stands out. Have repairs performed as soon as possible so that you can hit the road sooner rather than later. While you are getting the RV ready, make sure your tow vehicle is ready.  Have the engine tuned up, the tires rotated, and the fuel injector system (and all other systems) checked.

Don’t forget to take a look at the roof. You don’t want any leaks that drip onto you while you are trying to drive or sleep. Your RV Maintenance Team can perform a roof check and look for any holes/ gaps at the seams and fix them with sealant. Be sure to have the water system flushed out and cleaned so that you have safe and clean drinking water.

Begin cleaning the interior.  Wipe and dust all surfaces including tables, cabinets, seats and the steering wheel.  Shampoo and vacuum the rugs.  A hand-held vacuum is great for cleaning the drapes and soft seating.  Air it out by keeping the doors open during the daylight hours.  If there is still an odor after the cleaning, you may need to replace the vehicle’s moisture absorbing system. Test out all of the appliances and anything that is electricity operated. Make sure each works along with all of the light bulbs in the vehicle.

Finally, wash your RV.  Once you’ve completed these tasks it will be time to hit the road!


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