Extended RV Warranties: Don’t Travel Without One

No one likes to pay more than an item’s purchase price.  The taxes alone are a burden.  With some purchases, there are those nasty surcharges as well as handling and other miscellaneous fees.  And then there are extended warranties.  Some people do not feel right about paying extra for something that “should” work or take the position of, “I will deal with it (breakdown/repairs) if and when it happens.”

Well, I urge you not to make that costly mistake when purchasing an RV.  Like with a home or vehicle, even the best built RV can develop unexpected repairs and mechanical problems.  While a travel trailer may not have an expensive engine, certain simple appliance failures could be costly.  Statistics show that just in the second year, three out of every ten RVs will need a major repair.

You did not purchase your vehicle to have it sit in storage or in your driveway until you are able to afford to pay for expensive repairs.  You purchased your RV so you can take advantage of the RV experience: taking weekend trips, vacationing, camping, enjoying recreational activities, and spending time with family.

Unless you have extra dollars set aside, an extended and lifetime warranty is the single best way to protect your investment.  With a comprehensive RV warranty, you can get your RV into a shop and be back on the road hassle-free, without losing valuable time.  Additionally, extended warranties often include towing and roadside assistance benefits, emergency repair provisions, and even lodging reimbursements.

Do not put your finances at risk.  You do not want to face surprise expenses, especially costly RV repairs. Have the peace of mind that comes with an RV warranty, and sleep better at night knowing that certain major repairs will be covered, if and when they occur.

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