My RV Experience as a Snowbird

Earl generally leaves around the 1st of the year and comes back mid March or the beginning of April.  His regular spot is Phoenix, AR, but he’s also taken trips up through the northwest and spent time in California frequently with his wife.  They took trips to Yellowstone, Yosemite, and Custer State Park.  They’ve seen Mt Rushmore and been through Northern California’s awe-inspiring Redwood National Forest.

“There was always something to do where we stayed at.  Resorts have golf and opportunities for arts and crafts… plenty of activities for everyone.  We ran into a lot of nice people along the way.

When you have a trailer you can take whatever you want with you and the time you leave is completely up to you”.

Earl has known the folks at Modern Trailer for years.  Regarding trailer upkeep and maintenance, he says, “They’ve been really good to me and they’ve done all the maintenance.  If anything’s been wrong, they’ve fixed it for me”.

Earl Stone has a Thor, Fifth Wheel and stores it at Modern Trailer Sales

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