My RV Experience As a Life-Long Modern Trailer Sales Customer

Mr-and-Mrs-HeathMr. and Mrs. Heath bought their first trailer in 1969 from the original owner of Modern Trailer Sales, Charles Kinsey. They were originally attracted to Modern Trailer Sales because they were one of the first RV dealerships in the area. Mr. Heath says that one of the biggest strengths of Modern Trailer Team is that they are trustworthy and they treat their customers like part of the family.

“When we bought our first trailer, they never forgot us. They always remembered our names and knew who we were when we saw them. After we bought our trailer we couldn’t get our refrigerator to light up and Ronnie (they called him Ronnie at the time) came out and worked on it until he got it working.

We have bought 3 Nomad trailers from them. First, a 19ft pull type trailer that we raised our kids in. They gave me a foot tire pump with my first trailer, which I still have.

We quit camping and I sold [the trailer], but then when we decided to start camping again we bought a 15ft. When we decided to go to Florida for the winter, we bought a 24ft that had more storage. Later on we … got a 28 ft with more cabinets and storage while we were in Florida. We have taken all 4 to Modern Trailer for maintenance. They treat us like family. Ron and Brenda know us by name and that means a lot.”

Four trailers and lots of RV trips later, the Heaths have one tip to offer to new RV buyers when they are choosing an RV dealership and purchasing their first RV.  “Go to a dealership that you can trust and is family owned.  You have to go somewhere you trust and I guarantee you Modern Trailer Sales; you’ll be able to trust. I’ve known them for over 40 years.”

Easy (No Kidding) Camp Chili

Bowl_of_chili_with_sour_cream_and_cheeseThis is a great meal for cold evenings by the fire or playing cards inside your ‘home away from home’.  It’s also easy to whip out when you get back to your campsite a little later than planned and the whole crew is hungry.

1. Open up a can of your favorite chili

2. Pour it into a pot and heat over campfire grate or stovetop

3. Serve and eat! 😉

*Want to add a special twist? Cut-up fire-roasted hot dogs to add or provide an assortment of toppings- cheese, onions, sour cream, peppers, crackers, etc.


My RV Experience as a Snowbird

Earl generally leaves around the 1st of the year and comes back mid March or the beginning of April.  His regular spot is Phoenix, AR, but he’s also taken trips up through the northwest and spent time in California frequently with his wife.  They took trips to Yellowstone, Yosemite, and Custer State Park.  They’ve seen Mt Rushmore and been through Northern California’s awe-inspiring Redwood National Forest.

“There was always something to do where we stayed at.  Resorts have golf and opportunities for arts and crafts… plenty of activities for everyone.  We ran into a lot of nice people along the way.

When you have a trailer you can take whatever you want with you and the time you leave is completely up to you”.

Earl has known the folks at Modern Trailer for years.  Regarding trailer upkeep and maintenance, he says, “They’ve been really good to me and they’ve done all the maintenance.  If anything’s been wrong, they’ve fixed it for me”.

Earl Stone has a Thor, Fifth Wheel and stores it at Modern Trailer Sales