Fun Family Activities while Camping

Camping trips can be really fun for families, particularly if family activities are planned ahead of time. Some of our favorite family memories have involved camping and family activities.

So, after consulting the camping fun experts in the Kinsey family, we recommend these activities for family camping trips.

Games. Playing games together on a camping outing is a popular choice for many families. We have a few favorite board games like Apples to Apples and Balderdash that pack easily and that are great for gathering around the picnic table. Card games are another good choice because they are small and can fit into a backpack or just slipped into a camping bin. One of our favorites is UNO, which has many variations and options for play.

Active Games. If you want your family to get out in the meadow or clearing and have a more active experience, playing some camping games that get the family moving is a great idea. Our kids particularly have enjoyed flag football, ultimate frisbee and Capture the Flag. A favorite of the younger children around the campfire is Duck Duck Goose.  The adults also enjoy games like Wahers, Cornhole, & Hillybilly Golf which work well at the campground.

Hiking. Admittedly, our favorite family camping activity is a good hike. A hike in the mountains can be invigorating, and it does tend to tire out the kids so they will sleep all night in their sleeping bag.

A variation on the hiking theme is a nature scavenger hunt. Children love a scavenger hunt, and using nature items (and maybe digital cameras) as the things to find can be lots of fun.

We would love to hear what your family enjoys doing together while camping. Please share your favorite camping activities in the comment area below.

Happy Camping!

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